Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pregnant Kim

Kim has been getting a lot of flack for her pregnant style.  The problem is she's wearing things she likes as opposed to what looks good on her body right now.  Someone with big boobs, big butt and now big tummy cannot be wearing whatever she wants in a bigger size.  Her biggest mistake is that she keeps wearing things on her waistline.  Anything she wears right now needs to be underneath the belly.  Most pregnant girls can wear empire waist dresses but because of the size of her bosoms, I would stay away from that (unless it's flowy like a muumuu and that's probably not a great look for her either).  Her best friend right now should be a long jacket to cover her hips and butt (like I did when I was pregnant!).  And the top should be flowy and semi tucked in in the front of her pants, highlighting her tummy.  Her main focus and fashion fun should come from her accessories - like bags, shoes and jewelry.  Just keep it simple in the clothing department with dark pants, long jacket and cool loose fitting top.  Add killer shoes and bag and she should be good to go!

celine matrix sunglasses
current/elliot 'super loved' mid rise boyfriend jeans
stella mccartney mathilda tuxedo jacket
rick owens cotton jersey tank
repossi black gold and diamond berbere ring
givenchy pearl and jet strass magnetic tusk earring
cartier watch
givenchy nightingale star bag
alexander wang 'liya' pump in black


  1. You're right. Especially with the problem of her wearing things on her waistline. This would look good on her (although I would prefere a black Celine bag here)but I think she just wants to look more smart than this. It's not easy to dress extremely elegant while pregnant. There's no maternity high-fashion wear there and hence her mistakes and the flack.
    This set you created would me cool for the airport or some shopping(?). What would you prepare for Kim's evening at a fancy restaurant with Kanye?

    Lots of love! Keep up the good work ! You'll get more and more fans!

  2. you think she's been reading the blog? ;)

    Btw, I'll make a fancy post as soon as I can.

  3. Hehe, seems like it ! It's a nice simple outfit.

    Waiting for the fancy set !